D. R. Web

D. R. Web is a Christian based web design group that offers an affordable Internet presence for small businesses and individuals, as well as churches and ministries glorifying our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, that don’t have a lot to spend on web design.

D. R. Web offers record to CD conversion at an affordable price. If you have a collection of old records, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, or a collection of audio reels and want to hear that original sound, we can convert them for you.  We also offer VHS tapes, Super 8, Hi8 tapes, and 8mm and Super 8mm reels to DVD conversion as well.  We also convert those 35mm slides to digital.

Don’t pay for a fancy label on the DVD, when you are wanting your vacation, family, or important moments preserved at a fair price.  We focus on the content, not how fancy and pretty the label will be.

Let us provide your Internet presence, and help preserve your memories to digital without breaking your budget.

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